Swimming Pool

A beautiful morning in Phafos Cyprus so I decided to wake up early and take some photos. Here s the one I like.


Holidays in Turkey 

Lovely times in Side a town between Antalya and Alanya in Turkey. A lot of history also going there with a great ancient amphitheater but also lovely sea and beautiful weather this end October.  Well I loved the food and the resort we staid, specially my little son. Lot of entertainment in the evening for children and adults. Wel sometime hard to comunicate with stuff in English but they are hardworking people.

Travel to Antwerp Belgium

Went to visit my friend in Antwerp last week and luckily  had a beautiful weather. Had not seen him for three years and we enjyoed our time together. It is a beautiful town I definitely would say. Well I been there many times. Of course every medal  has to side. Two things I found strange  :

1-At certain coffee place in the heart of Antwerp I had to pay my beer every time I order it even I  stay a long time inside with a friend.
2-To buy a tram ticket you have to find a metro station and go inside (under) the ground and come back above in earth to catch the tram. Why they don’t open a kiosk somewhere to buy a ticket. After asking my friend why? got the answer: you can buy a ticket somewhere for €14,00 and travel 10 times I think. !!! But I am a toursit and  I want to travel from A to B and that’s it. Here you get two choices:  I paid €3,00 for one hour travel or I could buy a €5,00 ticket all day but still underground…ok ok NO more complains. Took some iPhone 5s pics which I hope you will like it.


The harbour

It has been a beautiful weather in the last two months in The Netherlands not every day anyway.  


I am back

It has been a long time brake but I am back.   

  Had a beautiful time yesterday having a trip with this lovely old timer.