This is a dream place to drink your cocktail your beer or even your red wine in style. This beautiful bar is in Naxos Island In Greece



3 thoughts on “Your cocktail is gonna be served this summer in Greece

  1. Reblogged this on Holiday Packages to Turkey and commented:
    One should visit Greece either in Autumn or Spring to breath the fresh air of Aegean Sea.
    Greece is not only Athens, you must absolutely take a ferry trip to various islands located at the Aegean Sea, facing to Turkish shores of this specific sea.

    Have you been to Greece? or what are you thoughts of those magic land of travel ?

  2. I totally agree with you friend. Now I live in the Netherlands but have been for 20 years living in Greece. There is no other place that gives me that holiday feeling just like I feel when I travel to Greece. Athens is nice but not to spent my holidays and tell the friends when I back: oh look I have been to Greece. Islands are beautiful and Aegean is one of the best to wave to. I would definitely recommend also the main land to visit. Well I am going to Naxos Island this summer and there is beautiful too.

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