Went to visit my friend in Antwerp last week and luckily  had a beautiful weather. Had not seen him for three years and we enjyoed our time together. It is a beautiful town I definitely would say. Well I been there many times. Of course every medal  has to side. Two things I found strange  :

1-At certain coffee place in the heart of Antwerp I had to pay my beer every time I order it even I  stay a long time inside with a friend.
2-To buy a tram ticket you have to find a metro station and go inside (under) the ground and come back above in earth to catch the tram. Why they don’t open a kiosk somewhere to buy a ticket. After asking my friend why? got the answer: you can buy a ticket somewhere for €14,00 and travel 10 times I think. !!! But I am a toursit and  I want to travel from A to B and that’s it. Here you get two choices:  I paid €3,00 for one hour travel or I could buy a €5,00 ticket all day but still underground…ok ok NO more complains. Took some iPhone 5s pics which I hope you will like it.



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